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As an Artist I try to challenge myself in different ways, sometimes not just in art. I like to think of it as exploring my artistic abilities. I try to stay open to all possibilities and make art out of everything I encounter.

Art Teacher

Jazmin is an amazing artist who is driven to make art constantly. She has several sketchbooks that she carries with her at all times. She is interested in learning new techniques and exploring all art media. Jazmin has  beautiful observational drawing skills and excellent attention to detail. She is in my Art Fundamentals 3 Class.. a class for gifted-identified students or students working at an accelerated level. I have known Jazmin since she was in kindergarten so I absolutely can attest to her skill, her drive and her passion for art.

These are some of my recent creations. Please click on each picture and see what I love to do. I would love to hear any comments or suggestions, please contact me at “TheJaziArtist@gmail.com”. Check back from time to time, I will have new creations added. Thank you for viewing my website!

My Portfolio

Contact me at TheJaziArtist@gmail.com