Visual Creations 2017

Created by Jazmin Miller- August 6, 2017
ugo rondinone's exhibit
"let's start the day again"
I visited the C.A.C. and I saw UGO Rondinone’s exhibit “Let’s start this day Again”. My overall experience was wonderful. When I first walked in I had to adjust my eyes to all the bright colors in the room. The room gave off a happy vibe because of the brightness everywhere. It seemed very lively and full of energy as everything popped out at you. On the other hand, the exhibit was creepy because occasionally you would mistake a mannequin on the floor for a real person. This actually happened to me once, I didn’t notice one right next to me and made a sharp turn, then because they are so lifelike, I said “Excuse me!"  I also thought it was very interesting to learn what clowns meant to UGO.

  It is stated in This article that, “ Ugo focuses on the human nature, social norms and contemplation of the natural world article, The clowns that Ugo made are meditative and focused inward as if taking a break from performing and acting. They are engaged with nothing and no one but themselves Clowns like these have been a metaphorical persona for Ugo since the 1990’s as a vehicle for what Rondinone perceives that a crucial aspect of being an artist the contemplation of inner and outer life.  His clowns are lost in their own musings and do not seek to connect, socialize or react."

 The article stated that “Ugo intended his exhibit to mean that clowns invite us to reflect upon the mundane aspects of our daily reality from sleeping, laughing, washing, to eating and back to sleeping. Their inward disposition suggests isolation and boredom but also conjures the possibility that the colorful vibrancy of their surroundings is a reflection of the magical discovery possible from a place of rest. They invite us to sit still for a moment, to slow down, stop reacting and do nothing but observe.”

In conclusion, the exhibit enlightened me on things that I haven’t really considered. I am glad that I went.